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Wobbler shaft of a wobbler feeder

Having strong re-engineering ability Y&J successfully developed a wobbler shaft, a key component of a wobbler feeder for our customer. Different from our usual business this time customer only provided a worn sample, rather than drawing and specification. The lengthy shaft with a complex profile increased production difficulty as its multiple processes, like casting, heat treatment, machining and hard facing would create distortion and cracks.
Through 3D scanning Y&J team recovered the shaft’s profile, analyzed material and mechanical properties. According to its working condition, Y&J optimized the material with better mechanical properties and elements of hard facing to achieve a harder layer to increase the life cycle of the shaft.
With hardworking of our team members, the Wobbler Shafts were delivered on time and cost-effectively. The customer is very happy with its performance and will send more parts for Y&J to develop.