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· What are the most popular materials Y&J supplies
Y&J which has years of experience working with European and North American material standards mainly involves the steel casting and iron casting business. We provide most of the common steel materials in the market such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. For iron casting, grey iron and ductile iron are available.

· What's the typical new product development process at Y&J?
  Compared with other casting manufacturers, we always work closely with our clients to fulfill their needs and are quick to answer any questions that the clients may have during the new product development process. Here is the typical new product development process at Y&J:
  1. The client sends Y&J the drawings together with technical requirements.
  2. Y&J makes a quotation in 2-5 days and sends it to the customer.
  3. Upon receiving the client's sample order, Y&J will issue a proforma invoice for a 50% down payment on patterns.
  4. Y&J starts to make patterns upon receiving the down payment. Usually, the sample production cycle is about 8-10 weeks.
  5. The samples will be sent to the client for approval. Sometimes the client will skip this process and approve the samples based on inspection reports Y&J submitted.
  6. After the samples are approved, the client pays the remaining 50% of the patterns and the sample fee. The sample development process is completed.

· What kind of inspections Y&J will do? Does Y&J provide inspection reports?
  We strictly follow ITP/CP to do inspections. The inspections we do include but not limited to chemistry, microstructure, hardness, tensile strength, impact strength, yield strength, magnetic testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (LPT), ultrasonic testing (UT), X-ray testing (RT), pressure test and neutral salt-spray test (NSS). EN 10204-3.1 certificate will be provided together with bubble drawings and dimension reports, and other inspection reports will be provided if required.

· What are the Incoterms Y&J prefers?
  The most common intercom Y&J accepts is FOB, CFR, and CIF, but we do provide DAP if the client requires it.

· What are the payment methods Y&J accepts?

Y&J accepts Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Documents against Payment (D/P), Documents against Acceptance (D/A), and Letter of Credit (L/C) as payment methods.

· Can Y&J handle the delivery from China to our plant? What are the shipping methods available?
  Yes, Y&J can handle the logistics from China to the client's plant. Numerous shipping methods could be used such as ocean delivery, airfreight, courier and railway.

· To get a quotation, what kind of information should I send to Y&J? How long can I expect quotations from Y&J?
  Drawings with technical parameters like material, casting weight, tolerance requirements, surface treatment requirements and non-destructive test requirements, estimated annual or monthly usage, and preferred price terms (Incoterms) are the three essential factors for quoting. Usually, the quotation will be provided in 3 to 5 days.

· How does Y&J protect my company's intellectual property?

  Y&J is focusing on customized mechanical parts and components for more than 20 years. We truly know how important intellectual property is for clients. The drawings and patterns will be only used on the client's project. And during the quoting process, the NDA will be signed if the client requires it.