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Sand Casting
Sand casting is a cost-effective and efficient process, which is generally flexible concerning size and change of geometry design. A wide range of metals and alloys, including iron, special alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc can be sand-casted. Y&J specializes in the sand casting process in various shapes and sizes weighing from 0.1Kg to 25,000kg. Equipped with modern Electric Arc Furnaces(EAF) and Ladle Furnaces (LF), we can pour high-quality castings with excellent purity.
The materials we supply are Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Grey Iron, and Ductile Iron in accordance with the specifications of ASTM, SAE, AISI, ACI, DIN, EN, ISO, and GB standards.
Cast Steel
Casting weight: 50Kg- 25,000Kg
Casting Process: water glass quartz sand, alkali phenolic resin sand, coated resin sand (Hot-Box & Shell Molding)
Popular Materials:  --Carbon steel: WCB, WCC,LCC, LCB, 1020, 1025,1040, 1.0619; 
                                  --Alloy Steel: 8620, 8630, 4140, 4130, 4320 
                                  --Stainless steel: ASTM A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 4A, 6A 
Cast Iron
Casting weight: 0.1Kg- 3,000Kg
Casting Process: resin sand, green sand 
Popular Materials:   -- Grey iron: ASTM A48 Cl.20,25,30,35,40,GG20,25,30,35;    
                                  -- Ductile iron: ASTM A536 60-40-18, 60-42-10,70-50-05,GGG40,GGG50,GGG60